Roof Storm Damage in Taylor

Taylor Roofing Emergency

Most emergency roof repair is the result of storm damage, but no matter why you find yourself needing urgent roof leak repair, BesTex Solutions is the company to call. Once it’s safe to do so, one of our experts will respond quickly to evaluate the damage and advise you of the next steps. When you find yourself in a roofing emergency, whether it’s because a tree limb fell through your roof or you are having a leak from excessive rain, we offer a roof inspection.

It’s not something any home or business owner wants to face, but if you need emergency roof repair, call BesTex Solutions. We are local, licensed, insured and ready to get to work to help you get back to normal.

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24/7 Roofing Emergency Response Taylor Roof System

24/7 Roofing Emergency Response Roofing System Taylor
You can call on us any day of the week and any hour of the day too. We offer 24/7 emergency roof repair in Taylor, TX. We are a local company which means we can get to your property in a flash. When it comes to emergency roof situations, there is not a moment to lose. Wind, hail and rain can cause much more damage the longer your roof has a leak. When you see that your roof needs to be repaired, or even if you just suspect it, be sure to call on us for emergency roof repair.


Emergency Roof Tarps Taylor System

Emergency Roof Tarps System Taylor
The aftermath of damaging storms affect thousands of people across the nation each year. After a strong wind or hail puncture, moisture can quickly enter your home and start to cause a world of problems, including mold and drywall damage. Whether you’re a home or a business, you need a quick solution to prevent the problem from getting worse.

BesTex Solutions stands at the ready to respond fast to homes with roofing or siding damaged caused by extreme weather conditions with a quick and easy solution – tarping.

When disaster strikes, emergency tarping covers your home, helping to prevent further water damage to the property. BesTex Solutions has helped provide hundreds of Taylor homeowners with the peace of mind they need when disaster strikes, and are proud to offer emergency tarping services for homes and businesses in need.


Emergency Roof Repair Taylor

Emergency Roof Repair Taylor
Many roofing companies see an emergency roof repair as an opportunity to cut corners. They do substandard repairs in an emergency situation because they know that the client is looking for a speedy fix. They offer an abbreviated version of their services when it comes to emergency roof repair. That is not the way we do business here at BesTex. While you can always rely on us for fast response times and speedy repairs, our emergency roof repair remains professional. We don’t just slap a patch up if there’s a leak. We make sure that the compromised area of the roof is totally repaired. Our emergency roof repair is as thorough as our regular roof repair services.


Shrink Wrap Roofing Taylor

Shrink Wrap Roofing Taylor
When you need to protect a roof that has been damaged or has had a construction delay, contact BesTex. Our teams have shrink wrapped commercial and residential buildings of all size and shape for a variety of purposes and with excellent results. Our shrink wrap jobs have lasted considerably longer than originally thought neccessary by several construction customers saving them from a rushed alternative solution, damages and additional delays. Our crews are trained for productivty and safety and are well supervised during all aspects of every project that we take on.


Emergency Water Mitigation Taylor

Emergency Water Mitigation Taylor

Water Mitigation is the process of preventing or reducing the amount of water damage that happens after something like a leaking pipe or leaking roof. Water mitigation prevents any additional damage with fast and appropriate actions once we have completed your water damage restoration. This process includes:

  • Assessment
  • Water Extraction
  • Cleaning
  • Sanitizing
  • Drying
  • Water Damage Repair
  • Water Damage Restoration

Water mitigation is often required after plumbing failures, floods, or when the water rushes into homes after a storm. Ceiling water damage, soaked rugs, ruined furniture, and warped flooring begin to occur if a water damage restoration team isn’t on site quickly.

We take specific steps to reduce the property destruction, to prevent any potential mold growth, and to restore the property back to its original value.


Hurricane Response Taylor

Hurricane Response Taylor
Wind, rain, and hail are all capable of damaging your roof at a moment's notice. Roofing shingles can get blown away, tiles can be cracked and water can compromise the structural integrity of your roofing system. Having someone like BesTex on your team can mean the difference just replacing your roof or having to repair your entire home. Our roofers understand how storms commonly damage roofs and can diagnose the source of any leak quickly.


Tornado Damage Roof Restoration Taylor

Tornado Roof Damage Emergency Response Roofing System Taylor
If your home or business has a roof that’s been damaged by hail, tornadoes, or other extreme Central Texas weather, let the restoration experts at BesTex Solutions come to your rescue! Our skilled team will come out and inspect your roof, assess the damage, and provide you with an estimate for the recommended repairs. We know you have better ways to spend your valuable time than lining up bids from half a dozen roofing contractors, so we always give you an honest, accurate estimate.

These storms travel along the wide-open plains of Texas, leaving a trail of damaged roofs in their wake. Though we get the greatest number of violent storms between the months of March and May, damaging winds and hail have been known to make surprise visits any time of the year. What you need is an experienced roof repair team that specializes in storm damage restoration.


Taylor Quick Response Team

Quick Response Team Taylor
Get help now from a team of expert roofers ready to fix your leak, patch your hole, or handle any other roof maintenance issues you need. At BesTex Solutions, we offer the best prices and quality results on all roofing services in Taylor, TX. We also offer the friendliest service. You won’t find a team as passionate or committed to their customers anywhere. We’re a leading local roofing contractor, working around the clock to make sure you get the support you need during an emergency. We work nights and weekends to stop water in its tracks and fix your roof to protect your home and the people in it. Find out why so many property owners in the area count on us for the best in emergency roof repair and maintenance solutions.